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Muenduen Phisalaphong

Associate Professor

Department of Chemical Engineering
Floor 10, Building 4
Faculty of Engineering
Chulalongkorn University
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Tel: 662.218.6875
Fax: 662.218.6877


Ph.D (Chemical Engineering), Colorado State University, USA, 1996-1999
M.Sc (Chemical Engineering), Lehigh University, USA, 1994-1996
M.Eng (Chemical Engineering), Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 1986-1989
B.Sc (Biotechnology), Kasetsart University, Thailand, 1982-1986


Honors and Awards
Royal Thai Government Scholarship (1986-89): Master degree study in Chemical Engineering Thailand
Outstanding Research Award (1989): Research for M. Eng work, Chulalongkorn University
Royal Thai Government Scholarship (1994-1999): Master degree and PhD study in Chemical Engineering (Biochemical Engineering) in USA
Excellent Research Award (2008):  the Ratchadapisek Somphot Endowment, Chulalongkorn  University


Research Group
- Biochemical Engineering


Research Interests
Biochemical Engineering, Biomaterial


Major Publications

1. Phisalaphong, M. and Linden, J.C., Ethylene and methyl jasmonate interaction and induction models for elicited biosynthetic steps of Paclitaxel in suspension cultures of Taxus canadensis, in: A.K. Kanellis, C. Chang, H., Klee, A.B. Bleecker, J.C. Pech, D. Grierson (Eds.), Biology and Biotechnology of the Plant Hormone Ethylene, Kluwer Academic Publishers, , Dordrecht, The Netherlands, (1999) 85-94.
2. Phisalaphong, M. and Linden, J.C., Kinetic Studies of Paclitaxel Production by Taxus canadensis Culture in Batch and Semi-Continuous with Total Cell Recycle, Biotechnology Progress, 15 (1999) 1072-1077.
3. Linden, J.C. and Phisalaphong, M., Oligosaccharides potentiate methyl jasmonate-induced production of paclitaxel in Taxus canadensis, Plant Science, 158 (2000) 41-51.
4. Linden, J.C., Haigh, J.R., Mirjalili, N.and Phisaphalong, M,.Gas concentration effects on secondary metabolite production by plant cell cultures, in: T. Scheper et al. (Eds.), Advances in Biochemical Engineering/ Biotechnology, Plant Cells, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany, 72 (2001) 27–62.
5. Phisalaphong, M. and Kingkaew, J., Re-Use of Stillage in the Alcohol Production Process, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 3 (2001) 1803-1808.
6. Phisalaphong, M. and Muangnapoh, C., Application of Microfiltration for Improved Productivity in Continuous Acetone- Butanol Fermentation, KKU Engineering Journal, 30 (1) (2003) 37- 48.
7. Phisalaphong, M. and Muangnapoh, C., Reverse Osmosis for the Concentration of Organic Solvents from Acetone-Butanol Fermentation broth, KKU Engineering Journal, Vol. 30 (2) (2003) 89- 102.
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12. Phisalaphong, M., Budiraharjo,R., Bangrak, P., Mongkolkajit, J., Limtong S. Alginate-Loofa as Carrier Matrix for Ethanol Production. J. Bioscience Bioengineering, (2007), 104 (3), pp. 214–217.
13. Phisalaphong, M., Suwanmajo, T., Sangtherapitikul P., Novel Nanoporous Membranes from Regenerated Bacterial Cellulose. J. Applied Polymer Science, (2008) 107, 292-299.
14. Phisalaphong, M., Suwanmajo, T., Thamarat P., Synthesis and Characterization of Bacterial Cellulose/ Alginate Blend Membrane. J. Applied Polymer Science, (2008) 107, 3419-3424.
15. Boonkird, S., Phisalaphong, C., Phisalaphong, M. Ultrasound-assisted extraction of capsaicinoids from Capsicum frutescens on a lab- and pilot-plant scale, Ultrasonics Sonochemistry (2008) 15 (6), 1075-1079.

16. Phisalaphong, M., Jatupaiboon, N. Biosynthesis and characterization of bacteria cellulose-chitosan film, Carbohydrate Polymers (2008) 74(3), 482-488.


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